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Are you planning to borrow 13,000 euros?

Are you planning to borrow 13,000 euros?

Is your decision already confirmed? Only a quick last comparison, then the request. Or are you still in the planning phase looking for additional information?

We are well prepared for both wishes. Of course you are welcome to apply for a credit of 13000 Euro loan amount directly. In about 3 minutes reading time, we will briefly introduce basic information.

Credit 13000 Euro – what keeps the bank from it?

Credit 13000 Euro - what keeps the bank from it?

A credit of 13,000 euros, with an average good credit rating of the customer, is for the bank everyday. Medium loan amounts, with terms of up to 84 months, are in high demand, in times of low interest rates. However, the amount is already so high that not necessarily with indulgence in the credit check is to be expected. For couples, banks are now asking for the second borrower at an early stage.

However, borrowing is particularly easy if it involves a tangible asset. For example, credit for “buying a car” or for “home renovation”, is relatively straightforward. Behind an increased requirement profile is often a particularly favorable interest rate. For, with very low interest rates, the reserves are lacking to accept “problem loans”.

Credit comparison – what is the benchmark

Credit comparison - what is the benchmark

For example, if you borrow 13,000 euros, it does not matter which bank grants the loan. It counts the credit costs and also the conditions. For interest rate comparison, it is usually not the low interest rate that borrowers pay for their loan. For comparison only the “representative example” according to Bankril counts. Because, it is realistic.

It shows what interest rate and rate 66 percent of the bank’s customers pay for their € 13,000 loan. In the connected comparison, the indication according to Bankril is always directly below the offer. The conditions, for example “Application Provisions” or “Special Repayments” are under product details. Before the final decision is made, it is always advisable to compare all factors exactly.

Credit examples – 60 months maturity

Credit examples - 60 months maturity

As learned, probably the cheapest loan reveals 13000 euros, 60-month term (5 years), when compared to Bankril. In the current interest rate overview, it is to scroll far into the middle. According to Bankril Bank offers 13000 Euro credit – 5 years, 2.69 percent APR. For fast credit, the bank invites through “videoident” and “documents upload”.

According to the example, 2/3 of the bank customers pay a monthly installment of 231.62 euros. Thus, after 60 repayment months in total for the credit balance, 13,897.14 euros. The bottom line is, at the credit 13000 Euro net loan amount with 5 years, 897.14 Euro credit costs.

Where is the horse foot? Unfortunately, the bank does not offer free special payment in the product details. Thus, customers of the bank lose the opportunity to save through special repayment, comprehensive.

13000 Euro credit – from private

13000 Euro credit - from private

If creditworthiness is weaker, it is not the primary question of interest, but rather the question “where do I get credit?”. Possible answers would be credit-based or bank loan. In both cases, the money for lending comes from the pockets of private investors.

About credit-privative credit costs 13000 euros – 60 months term – according to Bankril 7.85 percent APR. Thus, the customers, with this interest rate, pay in monthly installments to 260.99 euros back to the bank. Overall, until the credit balance after 5 years, customers pay back 15,659.63 euros.

The bottom line is for 13000 Euro credit – 60 months term – 2.659,63 Euro credit costs. In direct comparison to the competition – just a “bargain”. Under the same circumstances, the 13,000-euro loan through bankl will cost a total of 6,388.90 euros in borrowing costs.

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