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If you are an experienced writer then you may well know that there are a lot of ways to get cash before payday. There are those that say that they can tell you the way to get it but they simply cannot deliver on what they say.

If you are one of those people that have already paid a writer and got no cash for your work then there is nothing to worry about. Writing people have to make a living and so they must be able to produce results. If they cannot then you can go around and sell the services you have done for other people.

The other reason they can not advertise to those who are desperate for cash is that they need to pay their bills before payday. They cannot go around advertising services as some do.

If you want to get cash before payday then the first thing you should do is to pop over to these guys. It is not wise to trust anyone from a regular bank that you do not know.

The reason is that in the past they have taken advantage of people who are in need of payday loans. They are not allowed to advertise it unless the person has received a bad credit rating from them.

A person with bad credit is someone who has been in financial difficulty for any length of time. There are many payday loan companies out there who offer loans to people with bad credit.

You may even be able to find them in your local area and you will be able to use that to your advantage. If they are going to advertise in your area then you will not have to pay a high price to advertise on their behalf.

This way you can help others get cash before payday by advertising for an online payday loan agency. Then you will be able to bring the cost down so you can get more business.

Use online to advertise

If you are going to use the Internet to advertise for someone then you will need to look for the payday loan agency that will advertise for you. You will also need to make sure that the payday loan agency is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

If you are going to use the Internet to advertise for someone who has bad credit then you will need to do the proper research. The online payday loan agency will need to make sure that you have made your needs known to them and that you have a plan for how you are going to pay the amount that you owe.

Remember that when you are using the Internet to advertise for someone who has bad credit then you should make sure that you get the payday loan agency to advertise for you. This way you will be able to use the Internet to bring the cost down.

If you use the Internet to advertise for someone that has bad credit then you should be able to get it done for free because the payday loan institution will pay the advertising costs for you. After all, it is their time to get it done.

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What is a loan? http://www.tachash.org//what-is-a-loan/ http://www.tachash.org//what-is-a-loan/#respond Fri, 14 Jun 2019 05:01:22 +0000 http://www.tachash.org/what-is-a-loan/


Definition of loan and different forms.

Definition of loan and different forms.

A loan is a contractual contract in which money or a justifiable matter (property loan) is transferred for temporary use. It is typically a one-off payment, which is repaid through regular repayment. The word loan is derived from the term “loan”, which means “borrow”. There is, however, a difference between a loan and a loan, since borrowing is a free activity, while the loan can be provided for a fee as well as free of charge. In addition, the loan is actually a subform of the term credit. The term loan is used primarily for medium and long-term loans. In everyday language, however, the term is often used as a synonym.

Different forms of the loan

Different forms of the loan

There are different ways to design a loan. We will briefly introduce you to the most important forms:

In finance, an annuity is a periodic payment made up of the elements repayment and interest. The annual repayment amount is usually always the same. As a result, the portion of the repayment that increases and the interest portion decreases during the term increases. The repayment of an annuity loan is easy to plan, as the rates are always the same during repayment.

Final loan

As the name implies, this loan is repaid at the end of the term in one blow. The opposite of the bullet loan is the repayment loan.

Forward loans

A forward loan is an annuity loan with a special feature. Upon conclusion, the terms are agreed, but a payment will be made later. Thus, for example, a certain interest rate can be secured to replace a loan that expires in one year. The granting of the forward loan usually involves costs that must be taken into account.

Maturity rate loans

The interest amount that accrues over the entire term is added to the loan at the beginning. Subsequently, during the eradication a constant amount is repaid.

Partial loan

The lender receives (in addition to accruing interest) a profit sharing that is individually defined.

Property loans

In this case, no money, but a reasonable cause is left to the borrower. What lies behind the term justifiable matter is to be defined in the contract and a legal matter of interpretation.

Redeemable loan

The portion of the repayment remains constant during the term. The interest is calculated on the basis of the remaining debt always new. Thus, the debt service decreases during the term.

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13,000 euros credit – now starting at 113 euros a month http://www.tachash.org//13000-euros-credit-now-starting-at-113-euros-a-month/ http://www.tachash.org//13000-euros-credit-now-starting-at-113-euros-a-month/#respond Wed, 12 Jun 2019 05:36:23 +0000 http://www.tachash.org/13000-euros-credit-now-starting-at-113-euros-a-month/

Are you planning to borrow 13,000 euros?

Are you planning to borrow 13,000 euros?

Is your decision already confirmed? Only a quick last comparison, then the request. Or are you still in the planning phase looking for additional information?

We are well prepared for both wishes. Of course you are welcome to apply for a credit of 13000 Euro loan amount directly. In about 3 minutes reading time, we will briefly introduce basic information.

Credit 13000 Euro – what keeps the bank from it?

Credit 13000 Euro - what keeps the bank from it?

A credit of 13,000 euros, with an average good credit rating of the customer, is for the bank everyday. Medium loan amounts, with terms of up to 84 months, are in high demand, in times of low interest rates. However, the amount is already so high that not necessarily with indulgence in the credit check is to be expected. For couples, banks are now asking for the second borrower at an early stage.

However, borrowing is particularly easy if it involves a tangible asset. For example, credit for “buying a car” or for “home renovation”, is relatively straightforward. Behind an increased requirement profile is often a particularly favorable interest rate. For, with very low interest rates, the reserves are lacking to accept “problem loans”.

Credit comparison – what is the benchmark

Credit comparison - what is the benchmark

For example, if you borrow 13,000 euros, it does not matter which bank grants the loan. It counts the credit costs and also the conditions. For interest rate comparison, it is usually not the low interest rate that borrowers pay for their loan. For comparison only the “representative example” according to Bankril counts. Because, it is realistic.

It shows what interest rate and rate 66 percent of the bank’s customers pay for their € 13,000 loan. In the connected comparison, the indication according to Bankril is always directly below the offer. The conditions, for example “Application Provisions” or “Special Repayments” are under product details. Before the final decision is made, it is always advisable to compare all factors exactly.

Credit examples – 60 months maturity

Credit examples - 60 months maturity

As learned, probably the cheapest loan reveals 13000 euros, 60-month term (5 years), when compared to Bankril. In the current interest rate overview, it is to scroll far into the middle. According to Bankril Bank offers 13000 Euro credit – 5 years, 2.69 percent APR. For fast credit, the bank invites through “videoident” and “documents upload”.

According to the example, 2/3 of the bank customers pay a monthly installment of 231.62 euros. Thus, after 60 repayment months in total for the credit balance, 13,897.14 euros. The bottom line is, at the credit 13000 Euro net loan amount with 5 years, 897.14 Euro credit costs.

Where is the horse foot? Unfortunately, the bank does not offer free special payment in the product details. Thus, customers of the bank lose the opportunity to save through special repayment, comprehensive.

13000 Euro credit – from private

13000 Euro credit - from private

If creditworthiness is weaker, it is not the primary question of interest, but rather the question “where do I get credit?”. Possible answers would be credit-based or bank loan. In both cases, the money for lending comes from the pockets of private investors.

About credit-privative credit costs 13000 euros – 60 months term – according to Bankril 7.85 percent APR. Thus, the customers, with this interest rate, pay in monthly installments to 260.99 euros back to the bank. Overall, until the credit balance after 5 years, customers pay back 15,659.63 euros.

The bottom line is for 13000 Euro credit – 60 months term – 2.659,63 Euro credit costs. In direct comparison to the competition – just a “bargain”. Under the same circumstances, the 13,000-euro loan through bankl will cost a total of 6,388.90 euros in borrowing costs.

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What is a credit-based interest rate? http://www.tachash.org//what-is-a-credit-based-interest-rate/ http://www.tachash.org//what-is-a-credit-based-interest-rate/#respond Wed, 29 May 2019 05:09:41 +0000 http://www.tachash.org/what-is-a-credit-based-interest-rate/

What is a credit-based interest rate?

What is a credit-based interest rate?

Loans from credit institutions can be issued with a credit rating or credit rating-independent interest. In the case of a non-credit-standing interest, this does not differ from debtor to debtor, as in the case of the credit line in the private customer business (eg your checking account). The interest rate on utilization is generally defined for all customers.

Risk of credit default

Risk of credit default

However, credit ratings differ and thus also the risk of credit default for the bank. At the same time, creditworthy borrowers have a lower credit default rate, while low credit ratings are more likely to lead to defaults. Different credit ratings are taken into account when lending and thus influence interest rates. To determine your creditworthiness, a credit check is carried out. A credit-based interest rate is thus customary in the market. As a result, a high credit rating results in a lower interest rate and a low credit rating results in either a correction of the interest rate upward or the rejection of the loan. You should therefore look in advance to see if and how you can improve your credit rating.


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55,000 euros credit – even from 554 euros a month http://www.tachash.org//55000-euros-credit-even-from-554-euros-a-month/ http://www.tachash.org//55000-euros-credit-even-from-554-euros-a-month/#respond Mon, 27 May 2019 05:17:01 +0000 http://www.tachash.org/55000-euros-credit-even-from-554-euros-a-month/

55000 euro loan is taken for different applications

55000 euro loan is taken for different applications

A 55000 euro loan is taken for different applications. Some consumers do not pay attention to their money and spend it unplanned.

Others, however, need the loan 55,000 euros for major purchases, bills or the purchase of a car.

Long term useful?

Long term useful?

There are sometimes situations in life where a 55,000 euro loan with a long term makes sense. The loan 55000 Euro can be taken up so that this can be paid off. The credit rates can not always be set high if the salary is insufficient.

The monthly installments should be paid without any problems. In the case of a rescheduling, the purchase of a real estate or an expensive purchase of the loan 55,000 euros with long maturity added. High earning workers and civil servants often receive a long term from the bank.

If this is 120 months, the customer has to make a payment commitment for ten years. This is only possible if the income is indefinite. Furthermore, it must be ensured that the loan installments must be paid even if the borrower should lose his job.

Here, credit collateral must be used.

Credit Application – Credit Check

Credit Application - Credit Check

Before a loan is awarded 55000 euros, the lender will demand documents for review. He wants to know how solvent the customer is. The credit is a condition that the customer has a permanent employment contract.

Often it is also required that the employee is employed at the same company for at least one month. So no trial period will be available. If the employment relationship is temporary, it may not end before the repayment term.

The customer must already be of legal age for the application and act on his own account. In addition, both a bank account and the residence in Germany is required.

The correct loan security

The correct loan security

With a loan 55000 euro often a loan security must be present. Even if the borrower can prove a good income. The € 55,000 loan must be paid by him for about ten years.

Much can happen over time, so a credit hedge protects both sides. Banks take no risk and require a credit security for the loan 55,000 euros. A guarantor is difficult to find on such a high loan amount. If a property is owned, a mortgage may be entered.

The assignment of term life insurance is also possible as collateral. In the past, life insurance policies were taken, but these are rarely used. However, it is also possible for the consumer to take out a residual debt insurance directly at the time of the conclusion of the loan.

Although this is associated with additional costs, it can be useful especially for families.

Centiloan – popular for credit comparison

Centiloan - popular for credit comparison

Centiloan offers a good opportunity to compare the 55000 euro credit. For all comparisons, the term of 120 months should be entered in the amount. That’s equivalent to ten years.

The Bank awards its 55,000 euros loan for an interest rate from 3.99 percent. The monthly rate is 554.73 euros. Special repayments and installments can be arranged.

The other bank has a fixed rate of 5.95 percent. Thus, the credit is not credit-dependent. The monthly installment for the € 55,000 loan is € 604.93.

The last offer of a 55000 euro loan with a term of 120 months comes from the extrakredit. Here the customer has to expect a monthly rate of 712.38 euros. Depending on the credit rating, the interest rate will be between 9.95 percent and 15.95 percent.

55000 Euro Credit – Conclusion

55000 Euro Credit - Conclusion

How expensive a 55000 euro loan will become can be found out through a comparison portal. Here, the loan seeker will see what the monthly installments will be. The right term should be adjusted so that the loan becomes affordable.

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What are loan terms? http://www.tachash.org//what-are-loan-terms/ http://www.tachash.org//what-are-loan-terms/#respond Sat, 18 May 2019 04:51:49 +0000 http://www.tachash.org/what-are-loan-terms/

Having a term loans

Having a term loans

The loan terms are those parts of the contract at which the lender is willing to lend to the borrower. They should regulate the framework conditions under which a loan is granted. It is important to distinguish between the general terms and conditions (GTC) for the general rules and guidelines and the specific terms of the loan in the strict sense.

Conditions of having term loan

Conditions of having term loan

Special conditions can be defined for this customer only. The determination of the conditions is first with the lender and can then be negotiated between the lender and the borrower. Especially in the area of ​​fees for the loan, the donors are often willing to negotiate. The conditions may not be illegal or immoral. The loan terms are part of the loan agreement and are valid by double-signature. Especially chain stores often advertise with non-binding loan terms to win customers for a degree.

Examples of term loan 

Examples of term loan 

A loan from a bank with a floating interest rate, the total amount of which must be paid off in a certain period of time. An example of a term loan is a loan to a small business to buy fixed assets, such as a factory, in order to operate.

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What is the effective payday loan interest rate? http://www.tachash.org//what-is-the-effective-payday-loan-interest-rate/ http://www.tachash.org//what-is-the-effective-payday-loan-interest-rate/#respond Thu, 16 May 2019 08:14:50 +0000 http://www.tachash.org/what-is-the-effective-payday-loan-interest-rate/

What is the effective interest rate and what can you use it for?

It is important to be able to assess payday loans as well as instant loans and their comparability! If you want to borrow money quickly online, then you should know exactly what interest rates are offered. The prerequisite is to understand the different forms of interest. In 2-minutes all interest forms are explained.

Recognize the importance of effective interest!

Recognize the importance of effective interest!

First, you will find the so-called effective interest rate. This is also very often written in the payday loan as an effective annual interest. You can also find this formulation in credit cards. The effective interest includes all costs incurred in the loan. All costs plus the annual interest rate thus yield the effective interest rate. This makes it easier to find a comparison of offers!

So you are aware that there are additional costs for most loans. And these additional costs are automatically included in the annual percentage rate and are found in almost all money transactions where you want to borrow money. That means if you want to take out a loan and you want to compare payday loans with a loan calculator, then you should also be aware of this fact.

Again, to define it clearly. The effective interest also includes all incidental costs. So if you want to make a comparison of loans and use a loan calculator on the Internet then you can use the effective interest rate to compare all actual costs.

What is the nominal interest rate?

What is the nominal interest rate?

In contrast to the so-called effective annual interest, you will also find the name of a nominal interest rate. The nominal interest rate, in contrast to an annual percentage rate of charge, does not include any ancillary costs. This means that a bank can also make a bid with a really super-low nominal interest rate and subsequently causes high ancillary costs. That is also so if you want to borrow money at short notice!

Therefore always try to pay attention to all offers on the Internet and also in the Verwednug of a loan calculator the effective interest rate!

What is the debit interest?

What is the debit interest?

At the nominal interest rate and the effective annual interest rate, there is also the so-called borrowing rate. This is also known as loan interest or active interest. The difference is obvious. The debit interest is the interest rate that relates to your borrowed amount. So if you have a borrowing rate of 4% annually agreed then this borrowing rate is a fixed amount you have to pay as a borrower over a period of time with monthly installments.

The monthly installment is the amount that the borrower has to pay as a due installment to settle his debt within the agreed loan term! I always miss reviews from borrowers. Of which you can also gain information that can help you to get cheap payday loans!

Representative interest rate and its use

Representative interest rate and its use

The loan calculator that you usually find on the internet, work with an interest rate which is used without your credit rating and without your personal data for the calculation. This representative interest rate is prescribed by law. This is for consumer protection to make a better comparison possible!

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